Robert D. Mather, Ph.D.

Robert D. Mather, Ph.D. is a behavioral scientist, management consultant, researcher, and author. 

He has authored over forty peer-reviewed journal articles and four books. He regularly taught courses in statistics, research design, neuroscience, industrial-organizational psychology, and social psychology. He has been interviewed by Fox News, CNN, The New York Times, and The Atlantic. 

This website contains links to his academic books (Books), articles (Articles and Chapters), and media appearances (In the News). It contains original articles (CSP Blog) and podcasts (CSP Podcast), as well as links to his Psychology Today column, YouTube Channel, Rumble, and My Patriot Brain podcast. 

The Conservative Social Psychology Podcast hosted by Robert D. Mather, Ph.D. Original content exclusive to this website. March 9, 2020-January 6, 2023

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My Patriot Brain podcast hosted by Robert D. Mather, Ph.D. January 15, 2023-Present

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